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Shop for Moomers Products

Looking for that perfect Moomers gift for your special ice cream lover? Call 231.941.4122 to get your hands on some of our products listed below!

Moomer's Ice Cream Bowl
Moomers Ice Cream Bowl
$10.95 +shipping

Moomer's Ice Cream Scoop
Moomers Ice Cream Scoop
$4.95 +shipping

Moomers Milk Glasses
Moomers Milk Glasses
$7.95 +shipping

Moomer's T-Shirts
Adult T–Shirt (many colors available)
$13.95 +shipping (S,M,L & XL)

Moomer's Tie-Dye T-Shirts
Adult Tie–Dye T–Shirt
$15.95 +shipping (S,M,L & XL)

Moomer's Tie-Dye T-Shirts
Kids T–Shirt (many colors available)
$9.95 +shipping (S,M,L & XL)

Moomer's Tie-Dye T-Shirts
Kids Tie–Dye T–Shirt
$13.95 +shipping (S,M,L & XL)

Moomer's Bandanas
$8.95 +shipping (many colors available)

Moomer's Baseball Caps
Baseball Caps
$15.95 +shipping (many colors available)

Short Bill Hats
New for 2013!Short Bill Hats
$15.95 +shipping

Long Sleeve Onesies
New for 2013!Long Sleeve Onesies
$15.95 +shipping

Moomer's Baby Bibs
Baby Bibs
$6.00 +shipping (many colors available)

Moomer's Onesies
$9.95 +shipping (pink or blue)

Moomers Ice Cream Tames Bigfoot
Moomers Ice Cream Tames Bigfoot
by Greg Pugh, $8.95 +shipping

One Moo-ey Moomers Chrtistmas Eve
One Moo-ey Moomers Chrtistmas
by Greg Pugh, $9.95 +shipping

Moomer's Playing Cards
Moomers Playing Cards
$5.95 +shipping

Gift Certificates
Moomers Gift Certificates
In any amount, for any of Moomers memorabilia or menu items!

Thanks for shopping our MOOchandise!

Moomer's Ice Cream can be shipped anywhere in the United States...

Ice Cream

Pint – $4.59*
Quart – $6.59*
1/2 Gallon – $10.59*
1.5 Gallon – $30.00*
2.5 Gallon – $40.00*
3 Gallon – $50.00*

*Shipping Ice Cream Will Include All of the Following Charges:

  • The cost of the ice cream.
  • Packaging, handling and dry ice to get ice cream to you frozen: $45.00
  • Shipping charges (in the state of Michigan we'll use UPS next day ground, and out of state we'll use FedEx second day air). We pass the exact shipping cost to you, no more no less. We only ship on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to insure delivery before the weekend. Any of our 160 plus flavors are available for shipping.
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For the Love of Ice Cream... Moomers Adds a Little Taste of Country to Every Homemade Scoop!

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